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We understand that not everybody fully understands the web and so we want to help to clarify the process.

Here is some information on how the process works.

Once I have a website, will it appear on the first page of Google?

Having a website does not automatically mean you will appear on the first page of Google, or any other search engine. The problem is that there are literally millions of web sites out there, so every time someone searches with a word or phrase in a search engine, your website is competing with millions of other sites. Search engines are extremely clever, and can read the content of every single page of every single website.

Therefore one of the most important things you can do to promote your website is to make the text relevant to the subject matter of the specific web page, and to include the words that you want the search engines to find you with. How else are the search engines supposed to know what your page is really about? You’d be surprised how often we’ve heard of people that complain about getting poor search results for a web page that does not include the word(s) they want it to be found with.

Its also important to keep your website fresh, ie change the content or images regularly. It shows the search engines that you are trying to keep your website relevant and therefore as informative for their clients as possible. A blog can sometimes work in this respect. The search engines client, the searching public, are the most important thing to them, as it’s of paramount importance that when a search is made the results are as accurate as possible.

Finally, remember that most search engines will take time to index a new or updated website. It might be a few weeks or even a few months until you see the ‘fruits of your labour’.

To summarise, keep these three points in mind:

• Have realistic expectations. Your odds of being found in a search engine for a specific phrase are much better than for a general term.

• Keep your website fresh and relevant.

• Be patient, it takes time to move up the rankings.

There are many other ways to help promote visitors to your site and therefore improve your ranking. The more popular your site appears with the number of visits, the more the search engines will reward you.

Printed material (like flyers, leaflets and business cards) with your website advertised encourages people to visit your site. Social media marketing will do the same. You should adopt a multi-layered approach for ultimate success.

There is also something clever called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation.) This helps to optimise your website through coding and the understanding of the complicated workings of Google and the like, and can prove to be very successful. It is an art form in itself and requires significant ongoing costs after your website is published.

What is a Domain name?

Every website needs a domain name in order to be found on the world wide web. A domain name is basically a unique address used for locating your website, which will ‘reside’ on one of the many thousands of servers across the world. These are huge computers that can process masses of data. Your domain name should be as easy to remember as possible, so it’s often best practice to keep them as short as you can. Domain names also have a numeric value known as an IP number (Internet Protocol) which is what the computers use to identify websites. www.cre8business.com is a domain name, as is www.bbc.co.uk. When purchasing your website from Cre8, you will need to own your domain name. If you do not have one, we can help you with this, but we always encourage you to own your own domain so that you have complete control over it. You will then pay your domain provider an annual fee to keep it. If you let this lapse, your website will also disappear, which is out of our control. We recommend 123reg and fasthosts to purchase your domain, however there are many other sources.

What is Hosting?

When your website is complete we will need to host it on our servers. Every website needs somewhere to ‘live’, the term ‘hosting’ describes the space that you need to ‘rent’ for your website to reside in. This is done using a server, which is a very powerful computer that is always switched on and is always connected to the internet. When someone enters a web address into their computers web browser, the browser will locate the server and then find the page that person is looking for and sends it to them for viewing, usually in a matter of seconds. Hosting is provided by Cre8, and powered by our cloud platform AWS EC2 servers, the same servers used by Amazon, Netflix, Expedia and Pinterest.

Our Hosting fee’s are displayed on our Pricing page, and vary according to the type of website you choose and the level of support you require

Can I have a professional email address?

Some email companies will let you send and receive emails for free from a remote website, although they may use your contact details for marketing purposes. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! are among the many that do this kind of ‘web mail’. They would look like this: cre8@hotmail.co.uk. But although this is free to use, a more professional approach would be to have your email linked to your domain eg. info@cre8business.com. To have this option we can set up a professional email address for your business using Google Apps, using your website domain as the suffix, so your emails would be: yourname@yourcompany.co.uk.

Google Apps provides a secure and reliable online email service with which you also benefit from other services including an online calendar, document storage (Google Drive) and much more. It enables you to view your emails via a smart phone or tablet, as well as your desktop.

You can set this service up yourself, but it can be quite tricky for online novices. We can help to set up your mail services, if required, for just £75+vat. Thereafter you will be charged a monthly fee direct from Google, for each email address. You will need a few things at the ready to organise this set-up:

• Domain name must be purchased, and we will need your username and password for this.

• A mobile phone to verify the pin number they will send to you.

• Your bank details, so you can set-up your recurring payments.

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