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When supplying copy for your website it is important to remember that the more content we obtain from you at the start, the quicker your website will take to complete.


Think about who is your ideal audience/client

  • Try and imagine what their needs are and write your copy with them in mind.
  • What is it about your company that will make them want to pick up the phone?
  • What is it that your company does better than any other company?
  • Why should they continue to read about your company and stay on your website, maybe you can offer guarantees for example?


Make a list of features/services

  • Turn each feature about your company into a benefit for the reader.
  • Think about how you can solve the problems that they are likely to encounter.
  • Think about any objections the reader may have to buying from you and how you can address them.


Write your pitch

Develop an enticing pitch by outlining the value of your product(s) or service(s), remember you only have a few seconds to capture their imagination.

Because your reader will be in a hurry, you need to make your headings short and to the point, get the message across as clearly as possible.



Write your first draft

Think about what you, as the reader, might want to see on each page. Journalists use an inverted pyramid structure to engage a reader, you could structure your content in a similar way.


Home page:

Create an attention grabbing headline to draw your audience into your website. Present the benefits in bullet point format, we can use these with a small amount of introductory text along with an icon or image to entice them to visit the other pages of the website. Use a video presentation or latest offer to encourage them to call or email you. Alternatively, ask for contact details in exchange for a FREE service, sample product or voucher that you can produce at low cost. That small investment could buy you a client for life.

Other pages:

Eg. Benefits/Why us/About us
Tell them in detail why they should use your company or buy your product. Use imagery to enhance the message and bring life to your pages.

List your services:

List your services in a clear and concise manner, you may have a lot to say about each service but make sure it is valuable content for the reader. There’s no point in writing lots of information unless it is relevant to your target audience and the subject in hand. Avoid repetition.

Make it easy to read:

  • State your main point in the first couple of sentences
  • Create engaging Sub headings
  • Include bullet points for each of your services
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs.


If you have good quality images of your own that you would like to present in a gallery/portfolio that’s great, and particularly relevant. They will just need to be of sufficient resolution to work. We have a guide on how to supply images too.


You should have your telephone number viewed throughout the site, above your header is a good place, or at least somewhere on your home page.

Additional to this, the contact page is a great place to provide your customer with some or all of the following:

  • Google Map or Custom designed Map
  • Full address details
  • Interactive Form – Basic fields to capture, Name, Email address, Contact number and for the reader to type a brief message
  • Include email addresses/phone numbers of key staff members or departments of your business if applicable.
  • Opening hours
  • Social media links can be in the form of icons or underlined links, include these on your contact page as well as in the header/footer throughout your site.


Edit your content

If you have a friend or member of your family that has a way with words, let them go over what you have written, they may have ideas on how you can improve on your copy, notice any spelling or grammatical errors that you may missed, and give you inspiration if you are stuck for what to write. If at this point you feel that you simply do not have enough for your website it may be worth consulting a professional copywriter.

Give them as much information as possible about you and your business, as no one knows your business like you do. Put an underline on any words or phrases you would like to link to other parts of the site and we can add that functionality.



Structure your format

Present your copy to us in a structured format, and please use basic fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman in your Microsoft word document, as these will be easily recognised by any other computer system. It is best practice to edit the content into separate pages, with headings, subheadings and copy clearly defined so as to show how you want each element displayed. Also use the editing tools. ie bold, italics, larger/smaller text etc. to enhance the copy and help emphasize the message.

Please provide your copy separately from the images. Images pasted into a Microsoft Word document are more difficult to extract than if they are supplied in an organised folder structure.

An organized folder structure may work like this: