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If you have images you have collected or photos you have taken, then great. However, if you do not have any images, some photos from a stock library will definately enhance your website. Here’s a guide on how to source your images.


There are many photo libraries available and you are more than welcome to sign-up to any of these to obtain the images of your choice. However should this prove difficult for you we can purchase these on your behalf. Fotolia stock image library has a huge resource of stock, royalty free images available to download. To find the image(s) for us to download on your behalf, just follow this simple guide.

Go to the core collection search area on: www.fotolia.com

As you can see from the illustration, you’ll enter a search screen, simply describe the type of image you are looking for and press the search button.


Once you hit the search button, fotolia will give you a selection of results, in this example we have used ‘Builder’. This term shows 1,833 page results, plenty to choose from. However if you need to narrow your search down a bit, try something like ‘Builder London’ this as an example narrows the pages to just 2, so choosing will be easier.

Once you find an image you like, click on it!


Having looked at the photo on this page and deciding that this is the one for you, look just above the image. To the left you’ll see a hashtag ‘#’ with the image ID number. In this case the image ID number is 98303431. Make a note of it by copying and pasting the number into an email and let us know where you’d like to use it, perhaps like this:

Home Page image: 98303431

Add other images you want for your website using this process and we’ll purchase them on you behalf.

Below is an example of how we have used this image using a ‘Parallax’ effect.



Once we have all the image ID numbers we will purchase the highest resolution image available for that image on your behalf.

Our image prices are as follows:

1 image @ £12+vat

2-3 images @ £10+vat each

4-6 images @ £8+vat each

7-10 images @ £7+vat each

11+ images @ £6+vat each

If you choose to download the images yourself, save them to a folder and send them to us at: info@cre8business.com. There is a free service called ‘We Transfer’ for larger file sizes, and they can be found at: https://www.wetransfer.com/ Simply follow their online instructions.


Images are an integral part of your website and until we have them all, there may be delays in the process of delivering your completed website.

Once we have received all your images, your website will usually be completed within our specified timeframe, usually 4-6 weeks. It can sometimes take more or less time than this, depending on the size and complexity of your website.




When you search in Google Images, the photos listed are unlikely to be free to use. Most of the time these images are copyright protected by the photographers.

To make sure you don’t get into trouble, we recommend using reputable stock image websites. It’s is important you know and understand the copyright license associated with any image you use. If you don’t, then you could be liable for legal action against you. There will usually be some form of license explanation or at least a link on the page where the image is shown.